As an Ecologically responsible organization we know that it is important to create alternative accommodations for conscious travelers. While staying at The Redwood Lily you will have access to recycling and composting facilities, organic food for a light breakfast, organic cotton sheets, solar electricity and much more.

Organic Comfort: Our Beds

We want you to wrap yourself in positivity. Our beds have been created by an interaction of people and materials with the intention of bringing positive energy into the place that you come to sleep. Our bed frames have been hand made by local carpenters using FSC Certified second growth redwood cut from the Arcata Community Forest.

While the mattress itself is pretty conventional, each one is wrapped with a locally grown wool pad. Sheep's wool is
naturally antimicrobial and mold resistant, meaning a safer
and cleaner bed free from bed bugs, mites, and other harmful organisms. The wool for our beds is from organically raised sheep in Southern Oregon and felted right here in Arcata.

Every bed is fitted with entirely organic cotton sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. By choosing organic, we can be sure that our fibers are free from any residual pesticides and produced in a non-toxic way here in the United States.

Finally, rest your heads on some of our kapok, plant-based pillows. Kapok is a plant fiber that comes from giant trees and can be harvested from the same tree for many years. We also feature pillows made from bamboo latex, another easily renewable resource. These pillows surely beat the polyester pillows found in most hotels and does not contribute to the controversial goose-down industry.

We hope that the positive intention and effort we have put into our beds will resonate for you in and excellent night's sleep.

In The Bathrooms

  • Locally made natural soaps
  • Recycled content toilet paper
  • Cleaned naturally with low impact commercial
    products as well as out own concoctions of vinegar,
    citrus oils and other essential oils
  • Low flow toilets, shower-heads and aerated faucets
  • All wastewater drains to the Arcata Marsh
    Reclamation Facility, our city's own grey water
    marsh system. Flush with Pride!

Sustainable Building Technologies

  • Ground source heat pump
  • Photo Voltaic panels
  • Papercrete storage building with living roof
  • Recycled plastic and sawdust decking
  • Flooring from cork, bamboo, real linoleum,
    recycled tires, and original redwood
  • Interior paint free of volatile organic
    compounds (VOCs)
  • Natural Paints developed by HSU's
    Campus Center for Appropriate Technology
  • Landscaping with elements of permaculture
    food forests including berry bushes,
    medicinal herbs and fruit trees
  • LED and CFL lighting
  • FSC certified wood

Around The House

  • Decorative Fabrics from Bolivia, India,
    Nepal, Zambia, Namibia, Peru, Sri Lanka
    and Guatemala
  • Paintings and Photography by local artists
    including the Plath family
  • Locally produced wallpaper made from
    spun metal fibers
  • Lamps from Sri Lanka, Haiti, Italy and
    best of all, talented glassblowers in our
  • Antique hand carved furniture from
    Rajasthan, India
  • Masks from India, Nepal, the Ivory Coast,
    and Zambia

Carbon Offsets Available for Purchase

Carbon offsets are certificates that represent a reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Projects that prevent the generation of greenhouse gases earn these credits, which in turn can be purchased by individuals to voluntarily offset the emissions they generate. One carbon offset is equivalent to saving one metric tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2). The City of Arcata is trying to show how sustainable forest management in the Arcata Community Forest can be part of the solution to dealing with climate change. The Redwood Lily Guest House supports The City of Arcata's initiative to help subvert climate change, so we voluntarily offer this option to our earth conscious guests who wish to participate.

For just $10 per metric tonne, you can reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere equivalent to a round trip flight from SFO to JFK -or- driving a mid-sized car 2,000 miles. Through your purchase, carbon will be permanently retired in the Community Forest. The recipient of the carbon offset will receive a unique serial number issued by the Climate Reserve to validate their purchase.

Please let us know during your stay with us if you would like to participate in this momentous opportunity. Just $10 will make a difference for the future of Arcata's precious Redwood Forests and Community.

Curious to learn more about your personal emissions? Calculate your own carbon footprint here